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FusioMed Cryoliposculpt

Device for cryolipolysis (coolsculpting, cryoliposculpt) treatments. Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive fat removal procedure that works on the principle of a process referred to as “selective cryolysis”. Subcutaneous fat cells (fat cells situated between the skin and muscle layers) are more vulnerable to the effects of low temperature than other surrounding tissues, and prolonged cooling of these fat cells can cause those cells to reduce in number, without damaging any of the close by tissues. These lipids are then transported by the lymphatic drainage system to be processed and eliminated through the body in the same way that fat from the food is eliminated. This process is very gradual, meaning that there is no danger for the
lymphatic system to be overloaded.

Fusiomed Cryoliposculpt utilizes sophisticated applicators which hold the targeted area of fat in place between two plates thanks to the contemporary action of intense, constant vacuum. During the procedure, a sequence of different electrical frequencies flow through the tissue area which is between the two plates, generating tissue contraction. At the same time, intense cooling (up to -10°) freezes and crystallizes only the fat cells in that area. The sequence of electric frequencies stimulates different skin layers: fat, connective tissue, circulatory and lymph system, to effectively, slim, tighten, tone, lift, firm, shape and rejuvenate the skin. This also results in the breakdown of the fat cells flushed out of the body naturally and in restored skin elasticity.

Clinical treatment protocol for the body

1. Selection of the area to be treated (dermographic pen) a protective membrane is placed on the skin.
2. The area to be treated is vacuumed into the handpiece. The intensity of the electrical frequencies flowing through the tissue is individually adjustable on each applicator.
3. Controlled Cooling crystallizes fat cells. The treatment starts and the area is gradually brought to -10°C for body and -5°C for face.
4. Full procedure per treated area lasts 50-60 min (for body) and 5-30 min (for face).

Weight: 42 kg

Dimensions: 450x500x420 cm

Min temperature: -10 C

Max. vacuum: 66,6 kPa

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