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  • Refit RF

    Integrated 3 in 1 technology: multipolar RF for face and body, vacuum suction, LED.

    Programs for face and body: lifting, wrinkle reduction, anti-cellulite, figh...
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  • Aquapure

    Aquapure is a CE marked 4 in 1 multi-functional hydradermabrasion treatment device that targets uneven skin tone, congested pores, excess oil, dehydrated skin, fine li...
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  • Plexr


    Plexr® is used for the effective removal of papillomas traceless, xanthelasma, miliums, warts and genital warts, scars alignment and age spots, as well as the correcti...
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  • Huber 360 training

    HUBER® 360

    HUBER® 360 features the new Multiaxis Motorized Platform. It comes equipped with force sensors built into the platform and handles. Trained by a health professional, p...
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  • Alliance 80

    LPG Cellu M6®Alliance

    LPG Cellu® Alliance  –  the latest generation LPG device, which in addition to the improved Alliance treatment head has a new Alliance Skin Identity sensor which adapt...
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  • Alliance hanpiece 80

    LPG Cellu M6®Alliance Lab

    LPG Cellu M6®Alliance Lab is the latest generation LPG® equipment with a compact and innovative concept that associates the treatment table to the Cellu M6® technology...
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