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We offer used equipment with warranty and certified training.
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  • Ergodrive-Handpiece

    LPG Cellu M6®Endermolab

    LPG Cellu M6® Endermolab-2 is a device for the most demanded Endermologie® face and body treatments (Lipomassage, Endermolift) with integrated massage table. Featuring...
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  • huber_4

    Huber®Motion LAB

    Huber® Motion Lab is a unique technology that improves physical abilities while strengthening core posture muscles.  During the session all of muscle chains get reacti...
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  • Ergodrive Handpiece

    LPG Cellu M6®Integral-2

    The 9th generation LPG Cellu M6® Integral-2 delivers the most advanced face and body Endermologie® treatments. Featuring treatment heads (Ergodrive for body and Ergoli...
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  • OxyClear

    OXYjet Leo De Luxe

    During the oxygen therapy treatment active ingredient concentrates, especially designed to meet your individual skin requirements are applied , and deeply “shot” into ...
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  • Futura®Ultra Pro Dreamshaper

    The latest multifunctional device from Ultratone Futura® Ultra Pro is the result of 50 years scientific research conducted by a group of engineers, scientists, doctors...
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