Refit RF Classys

Refit RF

Integrated 3 in 1 technology: multipolar RF for face and body, vacuum suction, LED.

Programs for face and body: lifting, wrinkle reduction, anti-cellulite, fight against local fat deposits.

Integrated Technology

Multi-polar RF
RF generates concentrated thermal energy into the dermal and subcutaneous layers with advantages that promote faster metabolism, tighter collagen development, and improvement in skin elasticity.

Vacuum Suction
The vacuum suction capability boosts blood circulation to help drain stubborn fat through the body’s lymphatic system as well as enhance the delivery of RF energy into deeper layers of the skin.

The custom selection of LED wavelengths between 640nm and 460nm works to increase skin circulation and improve skin tones upon contact.

Additional advantages

Dynamic pulsation

The pulse levels can be customized by practitioners to fit multiple treatment plans with accuracy and operate with minimal noise levels compared to other RF devices.

RIDM Technology (Redesign Integrated Dynamic Movement)

The RIDM Technology of the REFIT enables users to set RF, vacuum suction and energy pulse levels to design customized treatments for both face and body. These features combined allow for convenient and safe treatments.

SAS-Technology (Safe Anti-Spark)

The SAS-equipped hand-pieces of the REFIT ensure stable emission of RF energy into treatment areas, thus eliminating the risk of possible sparking and allowing practitioners to safely and confidently conduct effective treatments.

Designed for Customization

The REFIT is equipped with 3 different hand-pieces which can be exchanged based on the treatment area of concern. The easy exchange of the hand-pieces allows users to provide customized treatment plans based on the specific needs of each patient.