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HUBER® 360

HUBER® 360 features the new Multiaxis Motorized Platform. It comes equipped with force sensors built into the platform and handles. Trained by a health professional, patients will work safely on both physical and cognitive skills: that’s Neuro Muscular Rehabilitation. Once mobility and flexibility have been recovered on HUBER® 360, patients can enroll into a Health Sport program to maintain and improve their health.

• Multiaxis motorized platform™ with built-in force sensors
• Integrated functional assessment adapted to all patient types
• Dynamic Posture Corrector™ for a precise and progressive workout
• Multi-directional stimulation and targeted recruitment
• Specific trajectories for each therapeutic indication
• Handles with built-in force sensors
• More than 300 integrated protocols
• Touch screen provides 3D posture visualization and biofeedback
• WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

Rehab with HUBER® 360 – the treatment is broken down into four movement fundamentals


Flexibility and Mobility

• The Dynamic Posture Corrector™ improves stretching precision
• The Multiaxis Motorized Platform™ mobilizes joints in every plane of motion


Dynamic Strengthening

• The Dynamic Posture Corrector™ insures proper positioning during exercise
• Feedback on the screen allows control of strength and direction for better recruitment


Posture and Balance

• The static and dynamic force platform improves objectification of posture
• Balancing games are both fun and challenging for the patient



• Dynamic exercises adapted to the patient’s physical condition increase their resistance
• Short-duration high-intensity activities for faster results


Assessment & Follow-up with HUBER® 360

• 3 tests based on Romberg and Fukuda to measure and compare balance capacity
• 2 tests to measure area of stability and mobility restriction
• 2 tests to assess strength and coordination
• Test reports and patient progress report available
• PDF report of the assessment can be forwarded to patients or prescribers
• Photo and video analysis tool
• HUBER® 360 Remote control: remote monitoring of patients’ exercise

Main Power: 230V / 50-60 Hz / 2 kVA
Floor Size: 1,90m² (without guardrails) 2,4 m² (with guardrails)
Shipping Dimensions: L= 2110mm W=1220mm H=1250mm, weight = 403kg
Maximum platform load: 150 kg
Maximum platform speed: 1 rev/s at 10° tilt
Maximum platform tilt: 10°
Screen: 10.4” color
Electrical Safety Class:Class 1
Safety Tests: IEC 60601-1 Ed3, IEC 60601-1-2
Dimensions: L=1800mm W= 1050mm (without guardrails) W=1335mm (with guardrails) H=2080mm Weight: 274 kg (with guardrails)

Huber 360 leaflet