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Plexr® is used for the effective removal of papillomas traceless, xanthelasma, miliums, warts and genital warts, scars alignment and age spots, as well as the correction of wrinkles around the mouth and non-ablative blepharoplasty.

The unique novelty in the field of aesthetic medicine, innovative plasma sublimation technology with Plexr® device for non-ablative surgery and removal of benign skin growths has been presented by the Italian company GMV (a leader in the research and development of tools and devices for aesthetic and cosmetic medical treatments).

Non-ablative techniques – controlled damage to the skin at the level of the dermis in order to activate restoring and rejuvenating processes. No pain, no risk of infection, no pigmentation and scarring. The technology of plasma tissue sublimation with Plexr® is patented and protected by copyright.


The principle of Plexr® operation is based on the use of the fourth state of matter – plasma.

• There is a potential difference between the tip of the Plexr® handpiece and the skin.
• Due to ionization of gases in the air, an arc of plasma appears.
• Under the influence of plasma, tissue sublimation occurs without transfer of heat to surrounding and underlying tissues. Reduces the area of the skin or eliminates unwanted skin formation.


How it works?

On the prepared skin in the intended place of manipulation, local or injectable anesthesia is performed. The specialist, without touching the patient’s skin, with the help of the Plexr® handpiece creates a gentle, like a luminous beam, a plasma arc. Depending on the amount of work planned and the expected depth of impact, one of the three Plexr® handpieces is selected, since each manipula has a different temperature of the plasma flow. Under the action of the plasma stream, lightning-free sublimation of the tissue takes place exclusively in the intended zone.


Plexr® can be used to correct problems on the most delicate and sensitive areas of the skin (eyelids, face, neck, genitals). As a result, a dense crust is formed at the site of action, which protects the treated area from any infections and promotes permanent healing of tissues – while the tissue area is significantly reduced – all without seams, scars and any traces of impact.


The main advantages of this method are safety, very short rehabilitation period, no side effects. The only inconvenience can be considered crusts, which in no case cannot be scratched or attempted to remove, as this can lead to a violation of the pigmentation of the skin area. The crustaceans fall off after 7-10 days, leaving no scars or scarring.