Rigenera 3

New combined device that allows gentle treatments on face and body by using simultaneously the properties of three important aesthetic technologies: vacuum suction, radiofrequency, soft laser and LED light.

The combined efficacy of three technologies:

1) The heat of radiofrequency stimulates the activity of fibroplasts that synthesize new collagen and elastin thus allowing a deep cellular renewal.

2) The combination with vacuum massage, both for face and body, provides a gentle “aspiration” of skin tissue that reactivates the microcirculation, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation.

3) The photobiostimulation stimulates cell metabolism, causing dermal and subdermal increase of collagen and elastin production.

The treatment with Rigenera 3 is easy and guarantees visible results since the first session. The 3 technologies if used simultaneously act in synergy and increase their benefits.

In a few sessions it is possible to reduce and treat:

Water retention
Cellulite stages I-III
Localized fat
Stretch marks
Skin laxity
Acne scars

The software has different protocols with animation and suggestions on how to perform the treatment both for men and women. There is also a special session with animated protocols to help the operator to move applicator in order to stimulate the lymphatic circulation.

How it works?

The suction is a gentle aspiration that creates a small plica of the skin. This small detachment improves the micro-circulation. The radiofrequency allows the increase of the tissue temperature and improves the production of collagen and elastin. The led softlaser stimulates the skin making it more relaxed and compact. To improve the sliding of the probe on body, we suggest the use of dry oil. The innovative software with 3D animation has several tutorials to suggest the movements to operator.